2014 Mid Ulster Museum

For the 2014 Annual Outing the society ventured just a few miles outside the town, to the townland of Tamlaghtmore, to visit the Mid Ulster Museum. Nearly 40 members and friends made the short journey to the home of Spence McKeown to see his collection of artifacts and memorablia.

Most of us had heard to Spence's eclectic collection but few had seen it. The general consensus was amazement at the amount and variety of household and other objects on display, ranging from the mundane to the truly obscure. Did someone count over 100 oil lamps, for example? It was nice too, to see what must be one of the few surviving copies of the society's calendar produced in the 1980s!

This enormously enjoyable visit concluded with supper at the Hanover Hotel in Coagh. See for yourself in the photos below what is surely a unique venue, the Mid Ulster Museum.