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Volume 1


St Patrick’s Bell and Shrine                                                                                                                          p 7

Ballyclog shrine  commissioned by MacLochainn (1131AD) – Muhollands   and Mallons, keepers  of the bell – Adam McClean  of Belfast- R.l.A – National Museum, Dublin.


Childhood Days at the Turn of the Century                                                                                               pp 8-15

Stewartstown in the early 1900’s – Street games – Shops – Public houses – economics – railway – Soldiers – policemen – trades.


The Hospital that Never was                                                                                                                     pp 16-19

Rev. Dr   Edward Lill (1715-1791)-Barn Hill – Rector Clonoe – bequest for relief of ‘scrofulous complaints’- hospital to be built at Washing Bay. Dispute- money used to fund wards in Armagh County Infirmary (1843).


Stewartstown Footpath                                                                                                                             pp 20-21

Reminiscences – townlands  of Killen, Drumgormal, Aghalargue, Gortatray and Mullantain – historical links.


Stewartstown Rugby Football Club                                                                                                          pp 22-25

(1885-1892) – links With Dungannon Royal School – eclipsed rise of Dungannon RFC and by Association Football – photos.


Townland Names                                                                                                                                        pp 26-30

Suggested Origins and translations – parishes of Desertctreat,   Ballyclog  and Donaghenry.


Stewartstown Railway Link                                                                                                                       pp 31-38 

Dungannon to Cookstown – late 1870’s – names of promoters and prominent shareholders –civil engineering involved – line closed 1959.


Accounts of Local Farming practice                                                                                                        pp 39-41

Letters of Royal  Dublin Society (1800) and to N.W. Agric. Soc. (1825).


Stewarts  of  Castlestewart                                                                                                                       pp 48-61

Plantation of Ulster – Lord Ochiltree  to plant two ‘proportions’ in east Tyrone – progress – inhabitants of town (1622) –early  lease.


Stewartstown Gaelic Football Club                                                                                                          pp 62-64

Established 1912 –account finishes 1962.


The  Hermit of Ballyclog                                                                                                                            pp 65-68

Rev. Charles Wolfe (1791-1823) author ‘The Burial of Sir John Moore after Corunna’-curate Ballyclog and Castlecaulfield –friendship with Rev. Dr Meredith of Ardtrea.


Volume 2


To hunt – Not to Kill                                                                                                                                    pp 5-10

Hunting of hares – Clonoe 1920’s Onward –establishment and activities of Moor Hunt Club (mid 1950’s).


Cratley Coalpits                                                                                                                                          pp 12-20

Mining in Cratley and Annahone 1934 Onwards-Joe Duffy, Charlie Armour, Peter McParland, etc- Mining procedures – pit closed  1937-photos.


Stewartstown Pipe Band                                                                                                                           pp 21-25

1930’s –McKelvey  Memorial  pipe Band –St Mary’s pipe Band 1940’s – Rev Peter  Tracy C. C.


Ballyclog  Gravestone  Inscriptions                                                                                                         pp 26-39

Church of Ireland, Coagh Road – introduction, lists, index of names/places.


Cormorant                                                                                                                                                   pp 40-43

Champion greyhound-1928 newspaper accounts, etc.


The Kerry Militia                                                                                                                                         pp 49-81

1797 –Stewartstown –Sectarian affray- deaths Soldiers and civilians – conflicting accounts – Contemporary ballads-political background.


Volume 3


Sunday Night at Pictures                                                                                                                             pp 5-10

Park Cinema, Stewartstown (1947-1962)- reminiscences and photos.


Sessiagh to Chicago                                                                                                                                  pp 11-13

Robert Glendinning (1861-1920-industrialist and founder Vulcanite Roofing Company of Chicago.


Stewarts of Castlestewart                                                                                                                         pp 15-21

17th and early 18th century family history- 1641 rebellion  - Cromwellian period- Restorration- Stewart property purchased by Houston –entry of Rev. Staples and  Rev. Caulfeild (1742).


Echoes from the Great War                                                                                                                       pp 23-25

Two letters from Lt W. Mackay in East African Protectorate  (1917-1918.)


What’s in a Name?                                                                                                                                     pp 26-35

Townlands- derivations and suggestions - Ballyclog parish.


Donaghenry Old Graveyard                                                                                                                      pp 44-57

Stewartstown to Tullyhogue road – bounded by stone wall – plantation period gravestones of Stuarts and Baillies-in care of Cookstown Council.


Street Games and Pastimes                                                                                                                      pp 58-62

Children’s games -local-twentieth century.


Irish Coal                                                                                                                                                      pp66-67

Peter Mc Parland, mining engineer (1922)-Offer to supply coal of ‘much better class’ than Dungannon coal to Dublin United Tramways.


Volume 4 


Street Lighting in Stewartstown                                                                                                                   pp 3-7

Little’s coal gas enterprise _ 1859 Onwards - Oil lamps - electricity (1934).


Major Hugh Mergaugh O’Neill                                                                                                                     pp 8-13

Died 1671 – gravestone St Michael’s, Clonoe – mentioned in contemporary letters and documents.


Lough Neagh Sailing Fishingboat                                                                                                            pp 14-15

Fishing Vessel used on Lough up to 1940’s. Photos.


The ‘Red School’                                                                                                                                        pp 16-17

National School, West Street, Stewartstown (1897-1961).


Clonmore Shrine                                                                                                                                        pp 18-22

Recovered from Blackwater dredgings  1990-91-links with Bobbio shrine ltaly c. 590 AD – ‘landmark in the history of irish art’ –Ulster Museum.


Reminiscences of the Food Office                                                                                                           pp 25-28

Cookstown  (1939-54) -part of old workhouse – distributing food rations.


Lime Kilns                                                                                                                                                   pp 29-32

Technology of rural lime kilns - Dunn’s Wood kiln operated until 1920’s.


Year of the Harp                                                                                                                                          pp 33-36

Belfast Harpers’ Festival (1792)-accounts from visitors –Sketches of prominent harpists.


Donaghrisk Graveyard                                                                                                                               pp 37-45

On Cookstown Road just outside Tullyhogue-Lindesay of Loughry, etc.


John Canavan of Kilycolpy                                                                                                                       pp 48-69

Poet and ballad maker (1862-1921)-collection of his Surviving pieces- recollections –controversy with Macauley of Castledawson.


Collecting Local Postcards                                                                                                                       pp 70-76

Includes list of cards produced by Glasgow of Cookstown.


The Way it Was                                                                                                                                           pp 78-83 Experiences of life as a Tyrone emigrant to Canada-20th century.


Volume 5


Surnames in the Locality                                                                                                                               pp 3-6

Anderson to Stewart.


Early Settlements around Creeve Lough                                                                                                   pp 7-17

Exploration and examination of evidence of prehistoric structures and of crannog, plantation castle, Plantation castle, Plantation village.


The Botany of the Stewartstown Area                                                                                                     pp 18-25

History of amateur observations and recording of plant life (1897 onwards)-shores of Lough Neagh.


Roughan Park                                                                                                                                             pp 26-27

From Journal of Belfast Naturalists Field Club – field trip to district 1907.


Stewartstown Methodist Church                                                                                                              pp 28-31

Wesleyan chapel built 1843 - extended 1878.


Ballyclog School                                                                                                                                        pp 32-37

An Erasmus Smith School  – ‘National School ‘1876-1906.


Clay Pipes                                                                                                                                                   pp 38-39

Francis McCullagh (1826-1924)-townland of Augharan.


Fishermen’s Wives                                                                                                                                            p 40

Journeys from Lough Shore to Dunannon and Cookstown to sell fish.


The Donaghenry Coin Hoard                                                                                                                    pp 41-43

Silver coins (Hiberno-Norse?) found Donaghenry in 1823- preserved in collection of R.C.Anketell (d. 1859)-items from hoard may now be in British Museum and in Ulster Museum.


The Roman Catholic chapel in Drumbonaway                                                                                        pp 44-45

Shown on of 1834-closed c. 1852.


The Townlands of Donaghenry                                                                                                                 pp 48-59

Suggested origins and translations-Aghalarg, etc. Urbalreagh.


There’s Something Unusual                                                                                                                      pp 60-65

Three carved stones found locally –‘Donaghenry’ stone is fragment of ’Urnes style’ from 12th century representing beast interlocking with tangle of snakes . –‘Lowe’s Stone’ was recovered from front wall of shop in the Square (1994)-possibly upright from doorway or chimney-piece-from Ochiltree’s Plantation castle? The ‘Drumgormal’ stone shows rough inscription with mention of ‘Thom Parker’ and eighteenth –century date.


St Mary’s Roman Catholic Chuurch, Stewartstown                                                                                pp 66-72

First building (1797?)-renovated 1845-grave of Kerry Militia casualties (1797)-Rev. F. Gahan, Rev. P.B. Daly, Rev.P.Slane.-tradition of Daniel O’Connell’s involvement in litigation over site.


Cluntoe Aerodrome                                                                                                                                     pp73-84

History of Second World War airfield in Ardboe-RAF and USAF (1942-1945)-local involvement in construction,etc.


Volume 6


Making Sense of the Famine                                                                                                                       pp 3-11

Autumn 1845-partial failure of the potato crop in South and West of country –Relief Commission for Ireland established-Aug. 1846: signs of potato failure –new relief scheme and more ‘public works –Autumn 1846: local Relief Committees appointed by lieutenant for each county-subscriptions collected locally would be matched by up to a half by government –some reduced for current year –harsh winter of 1846- lawlessness in Dungannon district –Cookstown workhouse filled –voluntary Soup kitchens –Soup Kitchen Act ‘- outdoor relief schemes run by poor Law Board of Guardians. Early 1847-appearance of ‘famine fever’-good crop, though small- 1848: crop fails again – reduction of almost 20% in population country between 1841 and 1851.


Cookstown Workhouse                                                                                                                             pp 12-23

Cookstown Mendicity  Association (1824) –first meeting of Poor Law  Board of Guardians of Cookstown Union 1839-26 members –May 1842 workhouse building complete- fitting out and furnishing, etc.-Staffing-School-Fever Hospital.


The Poor Law Rate –the Early Years                                                                                                        pp 24-30

Cookstown Union had sixteen ‘electoral divisions’ – decision to appoint George Ledlie as ‘Valuator’ –difficulties and objections - Jan. 1824, rate struck at 10d in £ - lsaac Tener appointed Collector of Poor Law Rate – from 1845 rate was collected by for district rate collectors.


Food in the Workhouse                                                                                                                             pp 31-36

Detailed analysis of ‘dietary’ of workhouse – ingredients – nutritional value - heath implications.


Public Works during the Famine                                                                                                              pp 37-43

Account of Extraordinary Presentment  Session Nov 1846 in Cookstown Courthouse- highly charged public meeting –proposals for public works-‘land drainage’ not ‘road building‘ or ‘cutting down of hills ‘-Dublin, Belfast and Coleraine Junction Railway proposal -meeting closed by Chairmen Col. Stewart –disorder broke out –threat of serious injury to Mr Lowry-police ordered to load rifles-narrow escape in carriage through mob-at next meeting landlords agreed £4000 to be raised for public works in Barony of Upper Dungannon. Detailed list of schemes agreed is appended to article.


Two Cookstown Guardians                                                                                                                       pp 46-51

William Frecketon of Newport Trench (the Battery)-Poor Law Guardian 1845-46-critic of Dublin Poor Law Commissioners. Thomas Greer of Tullylagan (New Hambro)-Quaker-forceful critic of poor Law system - Poor Law Guardian up until late1860’s.


Local Relief Committees                                                                                                                           pp 52-60

Letters on state of district, etc. To newspapers and to Relief Commission, Dublin from Church of Ireland Clergymen who were honorary secretaries of local relief committees: Rev. W.Atwell (Rector  of Clonoe);Rev. Isaac Ashe (Coalisland); Rev. J. Geraghty (Stewartstown) ; Rev. Thomas Sandels (Ardboe); Rev. A.G.Stewart (Pomeroy) and Rev. Thomas Porter (Tullyhogue)-1846 and 1847.


Soup Kitchens and Outdoor Relief                                                                                                           pp 61-65

Appointment of relieving officers in Cookstown Union (1847)-details role of these men -photographs of buildings associated with provision of soup/outdoor relief.


Emigration from the Workhouse                                                                                                               pp 66-78

Mach 1848 Mr Senior; Poor Law Inspector –existence of scheme for the free passage of orphans aged 16-18 to British colonies -22 females from Cookstown Union Sailed to Plymouth as part of group of 394 females from Northern Unions-3 June 1848 ‘Earl Gray’ set sail with 185 female orphans, including 11 from Cookstown- arrived Sydney, Australia 6 October – Ship’s doctor strongly criticised morals of these orphan passengers –enquiry initiated and Poor Law Commissioners were asked to respond- ‘Beflast Girls’ accused-enquiry vindicated orphans and accused matron and her assistant of poor supervision.-Details of some Cookstown Union orphans-letters sent from Australia by four orphan girls. Donaghendry C. of I. Confirmation lists - emigrant details (1860’s?)


The Famine- Local Population Changes                                                                                                  pp 79-82

Analysis of census data and exploration of hypotheses to account for changes.


Volume 7


The United Irishmen in East Tyrone                                                                                                           pp 3-45

Exhaustive account comprising events, personalities and places mentioned in contemporary sources from East Tyrone and Londonderry (1794-98).-Appendices: United Irishmen from east Tyrone; Fate of Tyrone United Irishmen; Dungannon courts martial (July 1798); Imprisonment of Thomas Walsh of Dungannon.


Stewartstown in the ‘30’s                                                                                                                          pp 48-51

Reminiscences of a bank manager’s son now resident in Canada.


General James Hewitt Ledlie                                                                                                                    pp 52-54

Disgraced U.S general in Union army during Civil War-of Utica, New York-late 17th century mention of Ledlies in Carman and Kilycolpy-jacobite reference 1745.


Albert Bleeks                                                                                                                                              pp 55-61

(1901-84)-essay recalling much-quoted correspondent to local papers-boxing- Tyrone brick-‘Stewartstown Notes’ in Tyrone Courier –extracts from 1978 issue.


James Reynolds of Cookstown                                                                                                                pp 62-68

Stewartstown links-medical doctor- Studied Edinburgh until c.1791-prominent freemason and radical – Dungannon convention (January1793)-Summoned to appear before Irish House  of Lords (Mach 1793) - imprisoned Kilmainham Until August 1793- tumultuous welcome in Armagh-fled to U.S.A. (May 1794)- controversial medical and political career in Philadelphia – custodian of Wolfe Tone’s papers (1798)-novelist- d. 1808.


The Gaelic League                                                                                                                                     pp 71-73

Founded 1893-cultural and historical background-local branch (1907?) -1940’s –feiseeanna –drama competitions-participants and promoters.   


The McKee Story                                                                                                                                               p 74

John McMKee  (1787-1874) and Ellen Kells (1786-1885) -dramatic elopement –family tradition.


Mysterious Tobertern                                                                                                                                        p 75

Nostalgic evocation of local Water Source.


Schooldays Recalled                                                                                                                                   p 76-78

Cookstown High School (1934-39) - early experiences as newly qualified teacher in country primary schools (1940’s and 1950’s).


Freemasonry in Stewartstown                                                                                                                  pp 79-83

Lodge 479 - formed 1770 - met in Tullyhogue, Cookstown and Stewartstown -1884 opening of Masonic Hall, West Street -1888 Bachelors’ Ball - extracts from lists of members (19th century).


Volume 8


Cookstown 100                                                                                                                                             pp 3-30

Account of famous motorcycle road race 1921-2001 - Road Races Act 1922 - Sherrygroom circuit -Cookstown Council - local patrons - post-war revival  – riders and records. Photos.


Duckart’s Canal                                                                                                                                          pp 31-36

Account of revolutionary civil engineering project in scheme to ‘supply Dublin with coals’ (1760’s)-Coalisland – Daviso de Arcort, architect and civil engineer –d. 1785.


Grange Graveyard                                                                                                                                      pp 37-41

‘Covenanter’ graveyard (1807-1944).


From Smyrna to Stewartstown                                                                                                                 pp 44-58

Account of origin and provenance of antiquarian notebook in possession of late Rev. David Bothwell -notebook can now be confidently ascribed to HP Borell (1795-1851)- later came into possession of Rev. James Kennedy Bailie (1793-1864), Rector of Ardtrea and classical scholar –Bailie is shown to have cunningly presented Borell’s researches into classical inscriptions in Turkey, etc. as his own work.


The Story of a Toiler’s Life                                                                                                                        pp 59-70

Biographical and historical article on early life of James Mullin of Cookstown (1846-1920)-material from his autobiography (1921)-Only son of widowed mother-schooling –manual work in Cookstown, Dungannon , Magherfafelt –appetite for reading-joined Fenian Brothood (1865)-graduated with BA from Queen’s College, Galway.


Volume 9


The ‘Wee School’                                                                                                                                          pp 3-11

1833 application from Rev.F. Gahan P.P. for grant aid for school already established in 1830-official data on progress of school, teaching staff, clergy associated with school – decision to built ‘red brick school’  in 1890’s-demolition of ‘Wee School’ 1966-67.


Crieve                                                                                                                                                          pp 12-15

English text and commentary on sixteenth-century bardic poem of Tadhg Dall O hUiginn  (1550-1591) celebrating chieftain Turlogh Luinneach O Neill and his ‘hospitable castle’ at Crieve (Gaelic name of area before seventeenth – century Plantation renamed it ‘Castlestewart’ and ‘Stewartstown’).


From the Crimea to Coney lsland                                                                                                             pp 16-38

The life and times of James Alfred Caulfeild, seventh Viscount Charlemont (1830-1913)- born Cookstown, son of Edward Houston Caulfeild – army career –Coldstream Guards-Hong Kong – Crimea – married Annette Handcock of Glasson –lived at Drumcairne house, Stewartstown –achieved rank of colonel -birth of daughter –appointed Comptroller of Viceregal  Household , Dublin Castle and Phoenix Park - recurrent financial difficulties of Caulfeild family –land Sales - attitude towards tenants –marriage of daughter to Lord Ranfurly , later Governor of New Zealand - death of Charlemont and burial on Coney lsland, off Maghery- Poems of John Canavan praising Lord Charlemont and Drumcairne.


Henderon’s Tape Factory in Sherryroom                                                                                                 pp 39-45

Cotton and linen tape factory, established pre-1832 - Matthew Henderson founder - Henderson family involvement –Sherrygroom House –Killycolp House-Methodist links- factory fire 1913 - factory life. Photos.


St Patrick’s Church, Stewartstown Gravestone Inscriptions                                                                 pp 48-71

Church of Ireland, North Street, Stewartstown –Donaghendry Parish.


Lamping Rabbits                                                                                                                                        pp 72-74

Recollections of trapping rabbits at night  -1940’s -local places -avoiding police- camaraderie.


That Special Christmas                                                                                                                             pp 75-81

Recollections of family Christmas in mid 1930’s –visitors –midnight Mass – presents - the world seen through the eyes of a child.


Volume 10


Robert Cranston and the Catalpa escape                                                                                                  pp 3-18

Fenian Rising 1867 - Stewartstown soldier Robert Cranston sentenced to transportation to Western Australia - U.S. fenians organise escape of Cranston and companions from Fremantle (1876) -Cranston settled in Philadelphia – Mulgrew links.


The ‘Thrasher’                                                                                                                                             pp 19-24

Ballooning fatality 1907 involving Lt.W.T.McClintock Caullfeild – memorial plaque in St Patricks, Donaghendry. Times report.


Parnellites and anti-Parnellites                                                                                                                 pp 28-36

Account of political meetings at Washing Bay 1891 -National Federation Opposed to Parnell’s attempts to retain leadership of Irish Parliamentary Party – verbatum report of speeches - local Catholic clergy - W.J. Reynolds, M.P. etc.


The Ballyclog Rectory Stone                                                                                                                             p37

Inscribed stone recovered from Ballyclog Rectory (2005) –inscription partly decipherable.


Birds of Drumcairne                                                                                                                                    pp38-40

Ornithological report on birdlife in woodland and ornamental gardens. Bird sightings 1976-2004.


The Ghosts of Ardtrea                                                                                                                                      p 41

Two strange incidents from Ardtrea Rectory.


‘Ye Riot in Colisland’ ...........A nineteenth century political ballad                                                        pp 44-54

Background and text of political poem-pastiche of Macauley’s ‘Horatius’-events of 24 June 1873 involving children’s Sunday School excursion to Drumcairne and violence in Coalisland later that evening.


‘Ye Riot in Coalisland’.............The political background.                                                                       pp 55-64

Sectarian tension and violent incidents in Coalisland in early June, 1873 -police reaction - local magistrate Bell of Bellmount - Rev. William Mathews of Brackaville and Rev. John O’Neill of Clonoe- Messrs. Chambre and Kennedy of Stewartstown - Orange challenge to R.I.C. - court proceedings -appeals to Lord Lieutenant.



Volume 11


Crieve and the landscape of fact                                                                                                                  pp 3-4

Reflections on the passing of Gaelic Ireland by Seamus Heaney.


Ode to the O'Neill                                                                                                                                           pp 5-7

New translation - Tadhg Dall O Huginn.


Stewartstown and Flight of the Earls                                                                                                         pp 8-15

September 1607 - Hugh O Neill, Earl of Tyrone - Journey with followers from Slane to Rathmullan via An Craobh - Flight of the Earls - Political reactions and consequences.


A Geophysical survey of Tullaghogue Fort                                                                                             pp 16-27

Resistivity survey of The O'Neils inauguration site & surrounding fields - speculation on the interpretation of the anomalies found.


Flight of the Earls 2007                                                                                                                              pp 28-32

Summary of local 400th anniversary commenerations - Stewartstown Festival Group at Tullaghoge Fort - Mary Ronayne-Keane's drama "Saint or Sinner" - Castle Farm commemorations - Re-enactment of walk from Craobh to Rathmullan - Photos.


Chatelaines and their families                                                                                                                  pp 33-41

Castle Stewart family - female occupants of Stuart Hall - Sarah Lil - Jemima Robinson - Emmeline Bathurst - Charlotte  Thompson - Augusta Richardson-Brady - Emma Georgina Stevens - domestic and family stories.


Broughderg                                                                                                                                                 pp 42-43

Townlands & sites - O'Neill connections.


Bill Greer                                                                                                                                                     pp 46-48

Born Ballyveeney, Stewartstown - Canada - US Navy - US Secret Service - chauffeur to three US presidents - driver of presidential car during assasination of President Kennedy - Dallas - 22nd November 1963.


Echoes from World War II: an unfinished story                                                                                      pp 49-51

Letters re death of Sigmn. Richard David (Davy) Millar - Japanese POW.


William Beatty                                                                                                                                             pp 52-53

Born Stewartstown - Emigrated to US - Butler County, Pennsylvania - Sargeant in Army - Thompson's Company - Tavern - Democratic Party - Congress.


Ardtrea Graveyard                                                                                                                                      pp 54-78

Gravestone inscriptions - 17th-20th century.


The von Stieglitz family of Cookstown                                                                                                            p 79

Gortalowry House - Baron, Holy Roman Empire - Pilsen, Bavaria - Van Dieman's Land - return to Ireland.



Volume 12


Planning the plantation – Background and early days                                                                                  pp3 -11

Background to the “plantation” of the ‘escheated’ (confiscated) estates of the northern earls, 1608 – Progress in the Precinct of Mountjoy.


Shankey School                                                                                                                                          pp12-17

Shankey National School built about 1825 – Connections with Presbyterian Church – Dispute between the 1st and 2nd Stewartstown Presbyterian Churches – School-House fire 1895 – details of staff and pupils – Closure in 1911- modern photo of schoolhouse.


Mountjoy Fort and Mountjoy Castle                                                                                                         pp18-32

History of Hugh O’Neil and Sir Arthur Chichester’s forts near Clonoe – Building of Chichester’s fort (1602) and castle (1605)- Suggested location of the lost fort – Crown Lands for the upkeep of the fort and castle.


The Home Guard in Stewartstown                                                                                                         pp33-40

Recollections and history of the Local Defence Volunteers in Stewartstown 1940 – Renamed the Home Guard after just six weeks – Training and exercises etc. – Interaction with the American forces at Clontoe Aerodrome – Disbanded in 1944- Stewartstown Platoon photo  and poem.


Sir Robert Stanton Wood                                                                                                                           pp41-42

Outline of the life and career of Robert Stanton Wood MD, FRCP (1877 – 1954) of North Street,  Stewartstown; eminent physician who attended King George V.


Making of the Bodley Maps                                                                                                                      pp43-52

Description of the surveying and mapping of Counties Armagh, Tyrone, Coleraine, Donegal, Fermanagh and Cavan in 1609-1610 – Outline of the men involved, methods use and the accuracy obtained – Details of the map of Mounjoy Precinct (between modern Cookstown & Dungannon) – Examination of the territories shown on the Mountjoy map and the Scottish ‘planters’ who obtained these lands – Comparison of the plantation grants shown on the Mountjoy & modern maps.


O’Rouke’s  Store                                                                                                                                        pp53-56

Details of the processing and exporting of poultry, fish and game from O’Roukes store in Stewartstown.


Tullanisken Church of Ireland, Newmills, Graveyard Inscriptions                                                         pp57-91

Gravestone inscriptions - 17th-20th century.


Volume 13

Letter to America - George Washington and the Yankee Club of Stewartstown                                   pp3 -22

Yankee Club of Stewartstown  - radical political [Masonic?] supporters of American revolution who sent address of congratulation to Gen George Washington in late 1783 – tracing the journey of the message bearer Campbell Dick from Stewartstown to Philadelphia – Maj. John Davidson of Annapolis, Maryland to be presenter of address – Gen. Otho Williams – Gen Washington’s brief written reply published in Ulster papers by Rev. Thomas Ledlie Birch radical Presbyterian minister of Saintfield - death of Campbell Dick in Philadelphia from Yellow Fever.


A View of Stewartstown 1750 - 1800                                                                                                         pp 23-27

Compilation of references to the village from the pages of the Belfast News-Letter – social history, criminality, agriculture, sport, emigration, etc.

The Water Level of Lough Neagh                                                                                                                    p 30

Bartlett map of Mountjoy Fort – early 17th century – shows complex of military earthworks on shore of Lough Neagh – viewing shoreline as it would be were water level raised to between 17m and 18m contours reveals very likely position of Mountjoy Fort, now not visible – implications of this viewing of Lough Neagh for other 17th century maps and for landscape along shore.


The Townland of Curglassan                                                                                                                     pp31-35

Local townland study using readily available sources – illustrated – includes bibliography.


Building Ballyclog                                                                                                                                      pp 36-45

St Patrick’s Church of Ireland, Ballyclog – 1860s fundraising and planning of building to replace existing Plantation structure – Ecclesiastical Commissioners, Dublin -  Rev. Henry Greene, Rector – local lay worthies  - architects Welland and Gillespie – contractor James McLean  - delay over spire.

The quest for Bob Williamson and Bridget McGinn                                                                               pp 48-54

‘The Ould Orange Flute’ – origin in actual fact? – dating of ballad – John Nicholson, Belfast printer - search for sources – Killyman connection – Wilfred Dilworth contribution – Thomas Disney possible

The High Cross Murders                                                                                                                           pp 55-61

June 1909 murders of Margaret Holt, and her brother-in-law William at High Cross near Donaghy – suspect William Moore, otherwise Edward Stone – first trial at Cookstown Dec. 1909 – jury fails to reach verdict – second and third trials followed, all leading to discharge of accused, jury failing to agree verdict – celebration in S’town of Moore’s release in August 1910 – no on else ever charged.   


Plantation Grants in Mountjoy Barony: Part 1 - The Scottish Planters                                                pp 62-79

Illustrated article dentifying townlands granted to Scots undertakers in Montjoy Barony/Precinct in Plantation of Ulster - Andrew Stewart granted 3000 acres Revelinowtra and Revelineightra – Bernard Lindsay – Robert Lindsay granted Tulloghoge – Robert Stewart of Roberton granted Gortnaville  – Robert Stewart of Hilton granted Ballyokevan – Robert Hepburn granted area of O’Carragan – George Crawford granted Tullylagan – Bodley maps – OS maps – Northern Ireland Place Name Project


The Centenary of Stewartstown Harps Gaelic Football Club                                                                pp 80-83

Gaelic Football Club established 1912 – Mullaghmoyle playing fields – Samuel Park – photographs

Folklore                                                                                                                                                       pp 84-85

Exploring oral tradition of alleged massacre in 1641 – Ardpatrick Lough? – Depositions in Trinity College Dublin.

Volume 14


Evacuees at Stuart Hall                                                                                                                              pp 4 -13

Stuart Hall, Irish seat of the Castle Stewart family, donated ‘for the duration of the War’ to Stormont government – Belfast Blitz April 1941 – erection of Nissen huts in grounds of Stuart Hall – readying the building for female evacuees and their children – energetic management of scheme by Nathan Goorwitch, successful Belfast businessman – local voluntary committees chaired by Lord Charlemont  and Lady Charlemont – Ministry of Home Affairs files in PRONI – disagreement over management of hostel and scheme to occupy evacuees – Jack Beattie M.P. – running down of Stuart Hall facility following end of war – later career of Nathan Goorwitch - illustrated

Publicising the Project: the Stuart Hall Scheme in Words and Pictures                                              pp 14-37

Illustrated article based on recently uncovered Goorwitch photographic archive – examines coverage of Stuart Hall scheme in press – enthusiastic promotion of scheme by Stormont Ministry of Home Affairs – visits by VIPs including NI premier Andrews and by Lady Abercorn – unique contemporary photographs

The Memoramdum Book of Donaghendry Parish                                                                                   pp 48-52

Local unofficial census of Church of Ireland parishioners in Donaghendry parish in winter 1824/5 – includes valuable details of occupations, etc. - weavers, hacklers, farmers, butchers, apothecaries, etc. - unique social document.

Ballyclog Tragedy                                                                                                                                      pp 53-55

1937 road accident fatality – coverage in local press – recollected by author

Rush Lights                                                                                                                                                pp 56-59

Origin and manufacture of this primitive but effective form of domestic lighting.

The Beard, the Table and the Professor                                                                                                   pp 60-61

1912 -  emergency surgery on Alex Ferguson, local farmer – Dr Burgess – ‘The Professor’ – operation on the kitchen table.

Plantation Grants Part 2; Clonagherie and the Church lands                                                               pp 62-76

Areas available for settlement of native Irish at time of Plantation of Ulster – Clonagherie – Clonoe – Mountjoy Fort and lands – School Lands of Mountjoy Free School – Manor Annesley – Church Lands in Mountjoy Barony

The Caulfeild Family in East Tyrone                                                                                                         pp 77-82

Residences of the Caulfeild/Caulfield family in Tyrone - Castle Caulfeild – Castle Stewart - Donaghendry – Drumreagh – Mullantean/Mullantain – Drumcairne.

William John Duff Gibson                                                                                                                         pp 83-87

Reminiscences – Ballywholan House - Delamere House – poem ‘Two Oul’ Tramps’.

Volume 15

Joan Laverty 1936-2015                                                                                                                                      p 3

Appreciation of the Stewartstown and District Local History Society's first Hon. Sec.

The Lady of the Lake.  by Frank Mayes                                                                                                       pp 4-24

Shipwreck off Newfoundland in 1833 -- Belfast to Quebec -- Many local passengers -- Fate of passengers and crew -- Behaviour of crew -- Broadside ballads.

Over to You. Compiled by Anne Laverty                                                                                                     pp 25-29

Belfast Blitz and Stuart Hall Evacuees -- The Dunderin' Rock -- Draughts Club -- Stewartstown Parade 1904 -- Boyd's Dairy -- Casualties on the Western Front -- Ferguson of Artrea, Clockmaker.

Belfast Naturalists' Field Club visits to Dungannon & Coalisland 1873                                               pp 30-32

Contempary account of a visit in 1873 -- Coalmines -- Creenagh colliery

Socks. by Eva Kee                                                                                                                                             p 33

Knitting for the troups -- WW II.

Local Rhymers. by Joan Laverty                                                                                                                  p 34-35

Local poems -- Hiring at Henderson's -- Hendersons of Annaghone -- Grocery Shop.


Tyrone Men in the Thick of it: The Rebelion in Upper Canada 1837. by William McGrath                    pp 36-41

Irish emigrants in Brock Township, Ontario County, Upper Canada -- Quin, Corrigan, Kelly, McGuire, McGrath families -- Local connections -- Home District Reformers -- Brock Company -- Rebelion 1837 -- Battle of Montgomery's Tavern -- fate of rebels.

Killing the Pig. by Tom Gibson                                                                                                                   pp 42-43

On-farm killing of pig -- Eddie Mayne, travelling butcher -- Ross Henderson , North St., Photo.

Policing in Stewartstown 1844-48. by Anne Laverty and James Glendinning                                          pp 46-53

Examples of law and order and other duties performed by the Constables of Stewartstown Barracks 1844-1848 -- Location of Barracks.

The Watters family and the sinking of the Lusitania. by James Glendinning                                         pp 54-56

RMS Lusitania sunk by German U boat May 1915 -- Fate of Walter and Nettie (Jeanette) Mitchell and their baby son -- Nettie, widowed, married William David Watters, Lower Back, Stewartstown -- Lived Galvally, Stewartstown & Ballylesson nr. Lisburn.

From the Mid-Ulster Mail 1891. by John Glendinning                                                                               pp 57-61

Local stories and a poem from the inaugural year of the Mid-Ulster Mail.

History in Song - the legacy of Ben Lynass, the Bard of the Bush. by Aidan Fee                                pp 62-72

Lynass's book 'Orange and Love: Poems and Songs on different subjects' 1842 -- Sub Constable of Police - Orangeman -- Battle of Clonoe / Black Bridge fight -- Anti-tithe protests -- Ardboe -- Scotland -- death 1865.

Ardboe Church of Ireland Graveyard inscriptions. by Frank Mayes                                                      pp 73-81

Graveyard inscriptions 18th to 21st centuries.

Volume 16

Donaghy School.   by Val Moffett                                                                                                               pp 3 -12

A history of the school 1826 - 1975.Class photos etc.

My memories of Donaghy School. by Mary Ferris nee Eccles                                                                 pp 13-14

These are the major articles that appear in this Journal. Some poems and other shorter  items have been omitted from this list.

Each volume also includes such regular features as Over to You , the Photoquiz and a list of members.